Technology Team

Research-level laboratory analysis is required to determine if prospective geological plays offer the right geological characteristics to be considered valid exploration targets for East West Petroleum. Prospective unconventional resource plays are being analyzed under the experienced leadership of Dr. Marc Bustin at the University of British Columbia who has assembled a team dedicated to this purpose and is a world-renowned expert with 30 years of experience in unconventional resource plays including oil and gas and coalbed methane.

Dr. Marc Bustin is a co-founder of Cuadrilla Resources which began drilling the first shale gas well in the UK near Blackpool in the summer of 2010. Recent reports indicate that the results of this shale gas well look positive and could move onto fracturing tests in January of 2011. According to AJ Lucas, a company that invested in Cuadrilla, initial indications are that the well “confirms and possibly exceeds the original expectations of management as to the prospectivity of the Bowland Shale”.

With this proven experience, Dr. Bustin is managing specific research including reservoir characterisation of gas shales and oil producing shales, assessment of factors that influence the reservoir characteristics of coal, organic maturation studies, the impact of diagenesis on pore systems in tight rocks, reservoir production modeling as it pertains to certain reservoir fractures and completions techniques and mechanical stratigraphy studies to optimize our understanding of reservoir deliverability and design of fracturing and completion techniques.

We believe the East West technology team provides us with a competitive advantage needed to maximize the value of our prospects.

Dr. Marc Bustin - Director
Dr. R. Marc Bustin (Ph.D., P. Geol., FRSC) is Professor of petroleum and coal geology in the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of British Columbia and president of RMB Earth Science Consultants and former president of CBM Solutions Ltd. and a founding share holder of Cuadrilla Resources Ltd. Bustin has over 30 years experience in unconventional gas exploration and exploitation in industry, research and consultancy. Professional experience includes employment by Mobil Oil Canada, Gulf Canada Resources prior to joining The University of British Columbia and subsequently with Elf-Aquitaine (France), CSIRO (France) and CNRS (Australia). Dr. Bustin has consulted in the area of fossil fuel resource evaluation and functioned as director and technical advisor for a variety of small through large petroleum companies in Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Dr. Bustin has published over 180 reviewed scientific articles on fossil fuels. Dr. Bustin has designed and managed gas shale and coalbed methane evaluation and development projects world wide, including China, Botswana, Europe, Australia, SE Asia, India and basins throughout North America. Dr. Bustin received his PhD in geology in 1980 from the University of British Columbia and is a registered Professional Geoscientist in the province of British Columbia. He is or has been an associate editor of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology Bulletin, Sedimentary Geology, International Journal of Coal Geology and the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. He is member of the ICCP, AAPG, TSOP and GSA.

Dr. Bustin is the recipient of the A. L. Leverson memorial award from the AAPG, received the Thiesson Medal from the International Committee for Coal Petrography for his contributions to coal sciences/organic petrology, the Sproule Award in 2003 for contributions to the study of unconventional gas resources and the Gilbert H. Cady Award (2009) from the Geological Society of America for his contributions to coal science and the Medal of Merit from the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geology (2009). Bustin is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Bustin is a registered professional geologist in the province of British Columbia.

Dr. Amanda Bustin – Technical Advisor
Dr. Amanda Bustin holds a BASC in geological engineering from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in geophysics from the University of Victoria. She has worked as a post-doctoral fellow and research associate at the University of British Columba on a variety of unconventional gas projects with the main focus on reservoir assessment and exploitation including projects throughout North America, Europe and India. Her expertise includes petrophysics, unconventional reservoir modeling, geophysical analyses and interpretation, geomechanics, laboratory analyses, and general applied organic geochemistry and petrology.

Gareth R.L. Chalmers – Technical Advisor
Gareth Chalmers holds a Master of Science (Geology) from the University of Newcastle, Australia and a PHD in geological sciences from the University of British Columbia. He currently works as a Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Associate for Dr. Marc Bustin. In this role, a variety of research projects have been completed or are in process including: 1) evaluation of gas shale resources; 2) vitrinite suppression in coals; 3) isotopic gas fractionation during diffusion experiments for a suite of coals; 4) CO2 sequestration experiments in organic-rich shales; 5) the effects of oxidation on shale samples; 6) pore size distribution analysis of gas shales and FESEM images of micropores; and 7) sequence stratigraphic analysis of a paralic peat mire, Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Duties include running analysis and maintaining scientific apparatuses, management of databases, liaison with department, industry and other scientific personnel, company and conference presentations, compilation and editing scientific manuscripts as well as reports to government and industry.