Applied Technology

East West petroleum is focused on projects where the application of emerging unconventional hydrocarbon technologies can identify and unlock new sources of oil and gas from unconventional reservoirs as well as improving the production and ultimate recoveries from conventional fields.

The term “unconventional” reservoir can take on different meanings in the industry. Unconventional reservoirs include gas and oil producing shales, coalbed methane basin centred gas deposits (tight gas sands) and gas hydrates. Gas shales and oil producing shales are not necessarily shales as defined geologically based on lithology, but rather, are any fine grained rock (silt sized grains or smaller) in which the matrix permeability is low and in which economic rates are only obtainable by multi-stage fracturing. Gas and oil producing shales include, but are not limited to, carbonates, dolostones, chert, other siliceous rocks, mudrocks including claystones and true shales and siltstones.

Unconventional petroleum technologies cover a wide range of petroleum and rock analyses, drilling procedures, and completion technologies specifically developed to increase industries knowledge and assessment of unconventional reservoirs and further enhance production and ultimate petroleum recovery from these reservoirs. Technologies include rock sample studies (rock mechanics, rock geochemistry and mineralogy), drilling techniques including horizontal drilling and formation fracturing and various formation stimulation and completion technologies developed specifically for unconventional reservoirs.

East West Petroleum has initiated specific unconventional studies on projects in Egypt, Yemen, Ukraine and Russia where data from prospective unconventional reservoirs will be studied in the laboratory as part of the play evaluation process. These data are being integrated into the existing geological and geophysical data bases to determine prioritize investments and bring unconventional plays to commerciality. The application of unconventional drilling and completion technologies to existing marginally-economic or sub-economic conventional fields is also being carried out to determine if production and ultimate recovery can be enhanced.

The East West competitive advantage is based upon its access to a world class and experienced technology team under the leadership of Dr. Marc Bustin, a world renowned expert on coal, oil and shale gas exploration and exploitation.

For more information, please review Dr. Bustin’s presentation on Gas and Oil Producing Shale and Nonconventional Oil.